An Introducing Broker versus a White Label Provider: What is The Difference?

This allows partners to customize their solutions to meet their specific needs while controlling costs. Quadcode offers a readily available and customizable trading solution for brokerage firms and financial institutions, enabling them to easily establish their trading platform and brokerage activities. With over 150 million powered trading accounts across 170 countries, Quadcode earned the prestigious 2023 UF AWARD for the Best All-in-One Brokerage Solution. Beginners usually still have limited information about forex trading activities and how to choose the right broker.

white label broker meaning

As well as the independent components, companies offer Brokerage-as-a-Service which means business owners get a turnkey solution with a set of components implemented (trading platforms, CRMs, investment platforms, etc.). Leverate’s LXLite white label package allows new brokers to hit the ecn broker meaning ground running with instant CySEC regulation, and with no need to open a bank account and set up PSPs, as the broker can use ours. Brokers get extensive support from our expert team while they start accumulating clients for their brand and gain first-hand experience in the business.

FBS Awarded for Best Islamic Forex Account

Smart Broker Solutions is an all-encompassing White Label solution provider that offers a wide range of features and advantages, including a MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 White Label License. Gain Capital is a well-established firm that has more than 18 years of experience in enabling businesses that have complementary product portfolios to expand and grow their offering. White label solutions are not only cost-effective, but they help start-ups save a lot of time that would have been dedicated to selecting, evaluating, and choosing components of the new brokerage’s future infrastructure. Instead, the new start-up broker pays a monthly fee for the white label service provision along with a small set-up fee for the installation and configuration.

white label broker meaning

In the Forex trading market, White Label Forex company is a corporation that is able to market another broker’s platform as if it was their own. A company can become White Label on grounds of a special agreement made with a broker. This is a great option for those who want to set up their own Forex broker and establish their brand in the market without the need to actually create a new Forex broker. A White Label is in most cases provided with the whole solution which includes trading platform, back-office support, and even allows the company to have its own brand.

Introducing Broker (IB)

This way, a white label firm operates independently while utilizing the systems of the main broker. On the subject of CRM solutions or investment platforms, these technologies are designed by primary brokers themselves. Companies develop high-end innovative solutions ready to boost FX brokerage businesses and enable their partners to access such components through the White Label model.

white label broker meaning

They provide off-the-shelf and customised solutions to licensed financial institutions. An established brokerage firm that offers a wide range of financial instruments and global reach. Its white label solution is easy and fast to implement and targets professional advisors and brokers. Whether you’re a startup or an established firm in the trading and investment industry, a white label platform can be a game-changer.

Introducing Broker and White Label: What’s the Difference?

Multicurrency based margin accounts allow brokers to minimize volatile risks between clients’ equity and brokers’ equity. Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from the B2Broker liquidity, including cryptocurrencies. Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to the one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between these two currencies, as an example. We firmly believe that the front-facing model enhances the customer experience significantly.

Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks. Besides, White Labelling is a more complicated system, as WLs basically provide brokerage services on their own as a stand-alone brand. Brokers using WL connections don’t need to run their own trading servers and hire experts to maintain them.

MetaTrader 4 Trading Platforms

Currency Cloud’s payment processing is fast, allowing you to send or receive money quickly. They also have a secure and reliable platform, with a 99.99% availability rate. Although there are many advantages that White Labeling comes with, there also are some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the commissions must be paid in any case. Although most of the contracts provide a percentage of the turnover, most of them also include a fixed commission. The thing is that there is no guarantee that the company will be successful, because of which, the company might have to pay commission to the developer even if the business fails.

white label broker meaning

This is a big part of the reason why it has become such a preferred option among new-coming trading-oriented companies. The original white label providers are customer-oriented and always keep their clients’ financial and business needs at the top of the agenda. The best web trader/Forex CRM/ MT5 / MT4 white label solution providers also bring their clients fully functional and customizable solutions to help businesses reduce their investments and increase ROI in little time. The ideal WL platform supplier will provide all the above services and more, all at a feasible cost for your brand.

Get your White Label

The platform offers a customisable and intuitive interface designed to cater to the needs of experienced retail traders. It provides access to industry-leading charting packages with over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools, facilitating in-depth technical analysis. Including comprehensive market news and analysis from reputable sources, such as Morningstar and Reuters, further enhance the trading experience.

  • Ultimately, it’s important to choose a provider offering transparent pricing and comprehensive services to help you manage costs.
  • Leverate offers a white-label solution for both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
  • They use mid-market rates for their currencies, which means you get a fair rate compared to other providers.
  • An alternative to that would be White Label, which enables brokers to access the fully functioning trading platform at a fraction of the cost.
  • IBs get to connect traders and brokers regardless of their nationality and location.

That allows you to tweak and customise more of what IX Prime offers to suit your business. Saxo Bank also publishes case studies of the solutions it has provided to its clients. These case studies are available online and offer insight into how Saxo Bank has helped its clients with their specific needs. Clients gain access to the traderoom and an easy-to-use back office, leaving them to focus solely on customer acquisition and user support. There are many issues to consider and address, such as setting up the trading platform, connecting payment systems, developing retail investor accounts, determining to price, and many more. And then, to refer clients to brokers, there are many ways that IBs can use, such as email marketing campaigns, social media promotions, advertising the broker’s banner ads on the IB’s website, and so on.

Unveiling JustMarkets’ Improved IB Program

The future of trading has evolved and continues to grow and reach new levels, and brokers look for the revolutionists. Mixed or hybrid model is considered the most optimal execution type for average brokers. It combines A-book and B-book, so the broker can bring the profitable traders to the real market, and processes the others’ transactions internally. At the same time, the mixed model excludes serious deposit requirements and major non-trading risks. The trading platform is the basis and the most critical component of any brokerage business.

Best Forex White Label Solution: The Full Rundown

When you have a target customers interested in the various digital marketing services we provide on your behalf, you’ll reach out to your dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist. Our strategist will put together research on the prospect and their top two or three competitors, then have a preliminary conversation with the prospect about their goals and objectives and how we can help them. This entire experience happens under your brand name and you can start selling the new services right away!

TFB offers a White Label package that includes a branded MetaTrader terminal, bridge connectivity to liquidity providers, risk management solutions, and 24/7 technical support. Franchise white label solutions bring IX Prime more to the fore than own-brand options. You become part of a large network of franchisees and use all the standard options offered by IX Prime.






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